Invest in Belize and Get a Place You Can Call Home

When you reach the age and stage in life when you’re planning backwards from retirement day, finding an ideal getaway in the sunny south is never far from your mind. Wherever you travel, you’re thinking: Is this the place? Could I spend a month here with my family? Is this a good spot to invest?

Now more than ever, finding a private place to call home in the Caribbean is very appealing, both a wellness retreat and an investment opportunity, a holiday property that pays for itself.

Belize is such a place.  And The Venezia Del Caribe, set to open in 2021, offer a unique opportunity to invest in Belize.

Belize is unlike anything else in the Caribbean, an untouched Central American paradise,” says the resort’s managing partner Randy Vanberg. “It’s not like other vacation regions with dozens of big-brand all-inclusives lining a strip of beach. It’s extremely unique and diverse—you’ve got mountains, ancient ruins, cave tubing, and the world’s second largest barrier reef as a playground,” he says.

Invest in Belize, and Reap the Many Financial Benefits

The first and only five-star resort in Belize, the Venezia Del Caribe is set on the small island peninsula of Ambergris Caye, just northeast of the Belize mainland. Each luxury condominium is individually owned by an investor, with the whole resort managed by Wyndham Grand on behalf of each owner. The one- to three-bedroom condos are booked through the Wyndham reservation system, luring guests from a roster of more than 75 million members, taking advantage of one of the largest rewards programs in the world.

The design of the resort is inspired by the canals of Venice, with swimmable waterways that add up to a pool that is more than two acres in size, what will be the eighth-largest swimming pool in the world. Ambergris itself is like a small town, with the golf cart the primary mode of transportation. The real draw is the world-class scuba diving, fishing, paddling, and sailing—the reef is a two-minute boat ride from the dock.

Happily, the financial benefits of putting down roots here are numerous. “Belize has no income tax and no capital gains taxes, which is a major bonus to buying here,” Vanberg says. Real estate taxes are also extremely low, currently between 1 and 1.5 per cent of the home’s value. “For example, on a three-bedroom unit, we’re estimating taxes at around $100 a month—so $1,200 a year on a $1.5 million property,” he says.

Belize also allows foreign investors to have complete strata title property rights.

Perks for owners and renters go beyond the management, extending to Wyndham’s considerable clout with touring partners like Expedia and Trip Advisor, right down to discounts with the local touring companies. “Wyndham handles the maintenance, the check-in process, the cleaning, everything—it is a true hands-off investment for the condo owner,” Vanberg says.

Belize May Be Your Ticket to Paradise

If it’s time to put your trust and your travel future into a Caribbean property, the Venezia Del Caribe could be your ticket to paradise. You’ll find a meaningful and authentic environment mixed with a financially stable plan of action—a great way to build equity, with the natural island beauty just the icing on the cake.

“About 80 per cent of the island’s revenue comes from tourism and the local people work toward making everyone comfortable, whoever they are,” Vanberg says. “The main drags have a friendly feel, a real small-town charm, with a lot of cool corners to hang out in. Everybody just gets along.”

Take the virtual tour, then make an appointment to visit for a weekend to have a look around—by golf cart, of course. A mini-trip for interested parties will pique your curiosity even further. With more than 70 per cent of the properties already spoken for, its time to speak up and make the Venezia Del Caribe your new reality.